Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

DECLARATION: The information, which you submit to Find Recruitment (including all forms of pre-employment checks, psychological assessment and skills and aptitude testing and your CV) will be used to ascertain your suitability for all forms of employment. On successful placement into any position this information may be used at Find Recruitment’s discretion to ascertain your suitability for employment and can be shared with your new employer. By signing this declaration, you are stating that all information you have provided to Find Recruitment is true and accurate in every way and you have not omitted any information that would affect an employer’s decision to employ you, and you authorise Find Recruitment to contact pre-employment checking and credit reference agencies, as well as referees nominated by you in writing. Find Recruitment may at its discretion appoint an appropriate person or agency to make reasonable enquiries to ascertain the veracity of any information provided to Find Recruitment as to your qualifications and character. If you have expressed an interest in Contracting, you acknowledge that you have had an opportunity to seek advice on the Service Contract that you are entering into, that you understand the significance of the status of the contractor under that agreement and it is your wish that you be a contractor and not an employee. We will retain all information for future vacancies (permanent and contract). Should you wish Find Recruitment to delete the information from Find Recruitment’s database we shall require written notification to do so.

I authorise Find Recruitment and its agents or any of its affiliates, and any persons or organizations acting on its behalf to verify information presented in my application, to collect additional information which may be relevant to my application and to procure an employment report or an investigative report for that purpose.  I understand that such a report may contain information about my background, character and personal reputation.  I further understand and agree that, in the event of my employment, an employment report or investigative report may be procured in connection with subsequent employment decisions.

I consent for Find Recruitment to anonymise my work history data and promote on the Find talent web portal.

I also consent to the disclosure and use of my personal information by Find Recruitment and its agents and authorize them to perform background checks on the following:

  • Details of previous traffic and criminal convictions
  • Confirmation of identify
  • Employment history
  • Educational qualifications
  • Credit profile including an alias search
  • Referees as to character and suitability for employment
  • Work permit status (if applicable)

The information may be collected from any of the following agencies:

  • Ministry of Justice
  • New Zealand Police
  • New Zealand Transport Agency
  • New Zealand Immigration Service
  • Previous Employer/ Referees provided
  • Credit Checking Agency

And any such other sources which may hold necessary information including, but not limited to credit agencies, referees, current and previous employers and individuals and organizations with which you are or have been associated.

Under the provisions of the Privacy Act 1993, you have the right to access and request  information held by us concerning you. We will undertake to correct any information that is proven to be incorrect and if you believe any of the information provided to us by a third party is incorrect, please inform us and your prospective employer/ consultant.

I hereby release from liability all persons or entities requesting or supplying such information.  It is important to note that the name address and date of birth information used to establish your identity, may be disclosed to a third party so that we may access the information required.

If there are any changes to this information, you must notify Find Recruitment immediately.