It takes one to know one

We can identify New Zealand’s leading Finance, Technology, Digital and Corporate professionals because these are the industries we have previously worked and excelled within. Our experience and intuition means we can identify strengths and weaknesses faster and fit candidates to your mission more accurately. We place people into high performance companies and they never skip a beat. In fact, the beat gets stronger.

Gain excellence, effortlessly

The people you really want to hire are going quick, but we’ll help you keep pace without breaking a sweat. It’s like watching a Formula One race. You don’t notice the months of work that went into preparation, you just enjoy the main event where the magic happens and history is made. We enable you to focus your energy on the important part of the process making a great decision, getting a winner, and making history for your business.

Transparency is key

We open our business to you in the hope you’ll be open with us. When we are all truthful and transparent about our business plan, brand, culture, strengths and weaknesses, the desirable and the undesirable, that’s when we can powerfully connect people and get game-changing results.

We don’t fill gaps

We operate in the sweet spot between helping businesses innovate and grow through the capability of people, and helping individual talent find new challenges that will realise their potential. And because these leading professionals don’t have time to meet businesses without vision, and businesses on the rise don’t have time to wade through stacks of CVs, we only present options that meet the brief and light a fire in your belly.