IWD Commitment

Our Pledge Promise Commitment to IWD 2021

New Zealand has always been a nation that is proud to have women at the forefront. From our Prime Ministers, to Governor Generals, to the Stay-at-Home Mums, and the Office-Mums, we recognise that women belong in all places. We also recognise however, that there is a lot left to do, and that systematic sexism can still be abundant in the corporate world. As a partner of many high profile businesses in Aotearoa, we commit to root out any sexism or discrimination and tackle it head on. As part of #choosetochallenge we commit to heighten our commitment as an equal-opportunity-employer, and to ensure this is replicated across our clients. 

The world has a long way to go in defeating the gender imbalance, but together this International Women’s Day, we can carry the fight forwards.

Our Commitments in 2021

  1. To see women promoted, acknowledged and empowered in all areas of the workplace.
  2. To continue promoting and pushing for equal-opportunity-employment for all women across our business and clients.
  3. To challenge all gender stereotypes and biases.
  4. To identify prime employers for women in Aotearoa.
  5. To continue questioning, learning and growing our understanding of biases, so we can root them out in all scenarios.

"Women belong in all places where decisions are being made."

- Ruth Bader Ginsburg.
We #choosetochallenge together and invite you to take part too.

We are on the right track with inclusivity although we are not there yet as a whole. I am lucky to work for a business that supports and embraces equality. The IT industry has a bit of catching up to do but while we choose to challenge scenarios that discount people based on gender, we will gain more traction towards optimal balance. It was only 25 years ago that I signed up to study metal-smithing, welding and car mechanics and was pulled into the principal’s office for a special chat about being the only girl and that I might wreck my nails so should consider something else. I chose to challenge this and received the highest grades that I had ever achieved. Stories and memories like this are stories of challenges and accomplishment, but only when you were able to challenge and succeed and that is still not always the case for all. Let’s get there together!

Sif Arnardottir - Senior Consultant, FIND Recruitment

Resources & How to Get Involved

You can get involved and do your part to support equality this year for all. Check out the IWD Website beneath, or watch the #ChooseToChallenge video to see where to start.