Good News! You Have Been Rejected…

Candidate Tips
The worst has happened. You have spent weeks, maybe even months, preparing your CV, applying, interviewing for your dream job. Then finally after days of staring at your phone, you receive that dreaded call to find that you have been unsuccessful. While rejection is often unwelcome and hard to receive,…

How long should your CV really be?

Candidate Tips
This is a question I am often asked, and I am always happy to share my view. However out of the hundreds of CVs we receive at Find, disappointingly only a handful are good quality documents of a suitable length. To answer the question “How long should your CV really…

Recruiter insights – employment gaps and redundancies

Candidate Tips
We asked our directors Julian, Simon, Rob and Pete three questions about interviewing or reviewing candidates embarking on a new role or getting back into the work force after some time off. We asked them to share their insights on: Best advice for candidates to discuss gaps in employment history…

Market Snapshot: IT & Digital Contracting in 2020

State of the Market
For Hire
Many have been impacted as a result of COVID-19 including some IT & Digital contractors who are now finding themselves afloat between contracts. Now that we’ve moved down the alert levels, contractors and organisations alike are looking at the market to see where opportunities are, where things are changing and…

How to make your LinkedIn profile awesome

Candidate Tips
Linkedin Profile pic
If you’re going to apply for a new role, it doesn’t matter how great your CV is if your LinkedIn profile is terrible or even average. The first thing we do (no doubt like most agencies and corporates) after reviewing a good CV, is to head over to LinkedIn to…

Consider hiring based on potential, not on experience

Client Tips
I’m not going to sugar coat it, there’s a real shortage of “talent” out there in the New Zealand market. This is symptomatic across the world. We’re not an anomaly down here in the most beautiful country on the planet. The common hiring method is set up to hire people…

What do candidates in the Legal sector want?

Client Tips
This is a question I have encountered a number of times when meeting with clients in the legal sector in the last few weeks. Having recruited in the legal space for a number of years, it has always been a candidate driven market but increasingly so and the candidate experience…

How to change careers like a boss

Candidate Tips
like a boss
So you want to change careers? Are you sure? Ok, there are a few pitfalls and this isn’t going to be as easy as you’ve imagined. I’ll walk you through some considerations and the best way to attack it so you land the new job of your dreams. You’re at…