The rise in Temporary/Contractor hiring during uncertain times

Due to Covid19 we as a nation have experienced something like never before. New Zealand nearly completely shut down, roles become based remotely with many industries changed and were greatly impacted. 

Now we have moved to Level 1 we have noticed an increase in temporary roles and this is only going to continue. From previous years’ experience we have always seen an increase in temporary roles when companies go through a recruitment freeze or large redundancies. The work still needs to get done so temporary hiring is a way to achieve this.

Do you need some temporary staff right now? Here are some reasons why you should:

Cost effective

  • Right now, many businesses are needing to “count the pennies” to remain competitive and keep afloat. As temporary employees are only paid for the hours they work, this makes them perfect for working on specific projects or large workloads.

Specialist skillset and experience

  • The candidates we have available are highly adaptable, experienced with many different systems and have specialist skills. These candidates are used to “hitting the ground running” and often you get a more experienced person than you would on a permanent base.


  • More and more candidates are turning to temporary work due to the promise of flexibility and greater work/life balance. This also allows more flexibility for the employer. It is easy for you to shorten or extend the contract depending on projects or workload.

Try before you buy

  • The cost of a bad hire can make a huge impact on your business. One of the benefits of hiring a temporary person is being able to determine their suitability in the role. Over the years I have had just under half of placed temporary staff go permanent.

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