Business Support – Have you been made redundant? Or think you might be?

In the last few months, we have experienced something like never before. Our country nearly completely shut down, roles become based remotely with many industries changed and greatly impacted.  It is often the support level that is affected the heaviest and if you have been affect here are some tips if you see yourself on the job market again:

Update and edit your CV

This is one of the most important things you can do! Over the last few months, I have seen hundreds of CVs come through. Recruiters and Hiring Managers don’t have time to read your CV back to back so it must be clear and easy to read. Here are some extra pointers:

  • Make sure your most recent job is at the top and descends to the oldest job
  • Have start and finish dates on all your jobs
  • Describe what your duties are in your jobs – your most recent jobs should have the most information in them!
  • Make sure the duties are in bullet points, so it is easy to read
  • Add a summary, skills, any education, and hobbies. 
  • Show that you are adaptable and a quick learner through examples in your CV
  • Make sure you are using the same font throughout the CV and have no spelling mistakes
  • Try to keep your CV a max of 3-4 pages

Be flexible

Be flexible on the types of roles you are willing to look at. For example, if you are a Personal Assistant but can only get a 6 month contact as an Administrator during these times, take it! It will look much better on your CV to be working for 6 months then not working at all, the alternative could be 6 months of washing your hands and filling in tracing apps!

Be flexible on looking at contract or temp roles. Even if previously you only wanted a permanent role it is best to keep your options open and give you the best chance of a new role. Also keep in mind there is always a possibility that the temporary role could go permanent, so this is your time to impress!

Be flexible on location. You might need to take a role that is further from home or if you have the opportunity, one that is in a different city.

Stay positive, preserve, and don’t give up!

We are going through something that none of us have experienced before. This is a difficult time for most, with pay reductions, redundancies, and uncertainty. You are not alone! There is plenty of support around so make sure you take it, use the above pointers, and do all you can to pick yourself up and get back on the horse. There may not be as many roles around at the moment but as we move into Level 1, we will see an increase.

If you want some advice or pointers, then send me an email with your CV to