Tips for Job-seekers affected by COVID-19

There are a lot of people out there that have had their employment affected by COVID-19. If you’re one of the many that is seeking a new role, we have some tips for you regarding your Linkedin profile that may help.

It is important to make sure that your job titles are common keywords which will show up in searches. Recruiters use boolean searches on Linkedin. Don’t put something generic like “IT Professional”, but rather be more specific and use titles such as “Ruby Developer” or “.NET Developer.”

Change your profile settings on Linkedin to “open to opportunities.” Make sure your phone number and e-mail are clearly displayed in your profile so you can be easily contacted if there is a more urgent opportunity.

Speak about your experience as a whole, and speak particularly to the things that you are interested in. Being specific helps. It’s better to say “I’m open to a Senior full-stack Software Developer role, ideally working in .NET and modern technologies like React and Vue.js, but I’m open to exploring alternatives” than “open to anything.”

State the relevant technologies you worked with under each role. For example “.NET, Docker, Ruby, AWS etc.” This  helps with keyword searches and will make your profile more visible to recruiters.

Explain your responsibilities in-depth for each of your roles. Aim for a paragraph and keep it concise.

Reach out to previous colleagues or managers for a recommendation. You can even write this yourself if you suspect they may be pressed for time. Your biggest advocates are of no use to you if they aren’t visible on your profile.

Make sure you have all of your skills listed, and make sure your profile contains the keywords relevant for your skillset.

If you are able to present your LinkedIn profile well, there may be no need to attach your CV to Linkedin. Companies will be in touch to request your CV if required.

Utilise LinkedIn to reach out to contacts within companies of interest, or agencies that you know can be of assistance.

Treat your job search as a full-time job and make sure you switch off at the end of each day to ensure you’re prepared and rested for the next.

We’re optimistic that level 2 will see an increase in job opportunities. Hang in there. Kia kaha.