Introducing Chris Martin

Give us a snapshot of your career to date?

I started my work life at Auckland University as a Tutor for Marketing Strategy, Statistics and an MBA course before moving to Nielsen as a Market Research and Insight Analyst.  My role involved working with some of NZ’s largest FMCG organisations around their Advertising Effectiveness, Brand Health and New Product Development.  On a whim, I then moved to the UK to do my OE.  After 7 interviews, I ended up working for the Management Consultancy “Fresh Minds”.  This position involved working with Private Equity firms in London around company acquisition and due diligence activities.  After a few too many all-night work assignments, I then ended-up in Recruitment which I have stayed in for the last 14 years.  I’ve now roughly spent half my time in Auckland and half in London recruiting across analytics, marketing, sales and finance recruitment.  Over the last 6 years I have managed several different teams at Hays and Parker Bridge while also managing my own desks.

Chris Martin
The real Chris Martin

What has been your biggest learning in recruitment?

Through my career I’ve had many moments where I’ve had steep learning curves.  I believe I will be constantly learning for the rest of my life!

Recruitment is ultimately about people and I’m always surprised about how much of an impact we can have influencing our clients and candidates.  Doing the basics well and working hard have always been the corner stones for any of my successes.  Equally, the people I work with and the positivity of environment have always been factors in my success.

You’ve been here a few weeks, what surprised you about Find?

I’ve been surprised by the level of trust provided across the team and how engaged people are as a result.  The client list and the depth of Find’s relationships are also very impressive.

What’s been your most proudest moment outside of work?

I’ve often succeeded against the odds and overcame a slow start academically at school to gain a degree with honours (which everyone told me was impossible).  I’ve also played at some of the highest levels of football in NZ after overcoming challenges with my co-ordination and the development of my feet when I was younger.

What gets you get’s you moving in the morning?

The belief that I can improve every day.  The desire to become more successful.  Fear of failure.  The ability to have a laugh with my team members.  A big mortgage and a demanding wife…

3 things we may not know about you?

  • I enjoy gardening and DIY projects.
  • I’d love to sail around the world.
  • I love science fiction.

What do you do outside of work?

Camping,  Mountain Biking, SUP Boarding, Walking, Drinking with friends.  I’m now eligible for over 40s football!