Why you should give your employees a sabbatical?

There can be a number of reasons, it is something new we’ve extended in Find and ask Amelia Nelson who has just come back from a 3 month sabbatical what she did and what that meant for her:

Amelia: I was very lucky to be in the position to be given a sabbatical from my work – Find Recruitment. As my husband hasn’t done much travelling, we thought it’s now or never and what we wanted to do wouldn’t fit in to a 2 week bus trip around Europe or a beach holiday in SE Asia!

We saved, planned and with the leave, we visited London, Manchester, Stockholm, Amsterdam, Italy, Croatia, Montenegro, Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia. It was amazing to be able to travel such different countries and to share it with my husband when we were slightly more mature (Not doing our OE).

Here are my top reasons for sabbatical:

Explore new cultures and food

We visited Europe and Southeast Asia on this trip and got to experience a real wide range of amazing food and see how very different cultures lived. Stockholm was very clean, organised and super efficient. Their public transport is amazing and city is built on 14 islands so lots of bridges and water everywhere. Food in Sweden is very fresh, lots of seafood and high quality produce. In Italy, Croatia and Montenegro the staple food was pasta, pizza and pastries! The history in Europe is incredible. We even visited Pompeii which was very interesting. Vietnam was very different, very busy, chaotic at times and very beautiful. We loved the food there as it was very light and fresh and a nice change from all the pizza and pasta!


It is very different to experience history first hand rather than via a book and to be able to see famous buildings and monuments in person is amazing. Also to be able to learn other languages even if it’s just a few sentences to help you get by in the country. We made sure to learn a few key sentences in every country we travelled to. Even just to be able to say “hello”, “goodbye, thank you and no thank you was very helpful and appreciated by the locals.

Quality time

If you decide to travel with someone it is amazing to be able to spend quality time with your partner or friend. My husband and I loved spending so much time together and really grew as a couple.

Meet new people

As you get older it can be hard to meet new people and make new friends so traveling is a great way to meet likeminded people from different countries – on this trip we became friends with people from Switzerland, England, Israel, Mexico, France and the Netherlands! We now have a number of people wanting to come visit us in NZ!

Grow skills

During this trip we used 7 different currencies which ranged hugely so we became very good at budgeting and working out exchange rates quickly. Also had to be very organised to know where you were going, how you were getting there, where you would stay etc


It is amazing to have time off where you wake up when you want to wake up, do what you want and not feel rushed, stressed or worried. A sabbatical is an excellent time to give your body and mind a rest!


Our time away was amazing but it definitely gave us a real appreciation for where we live, routine and coming back refreshed and motivated to get back into your role.

BIG THANKS again to Find Recruitment for being so flexible and making this happen – Also to Suzanne who came onboard and covered my desk while I was away!