There’s still time!

It’s been a crazy finish to the year so far. We have less than one month to go until Christmas. Is the market slowing down, yes and no. Some companies are pausing recruitment and onboarding for the year. Whilst this makes a lot of sense, it also doesn’t. Let me elaborate. Ok, I get the point that there’s a lot to get done before the year closes out and recruitment might not be a priority. But it should be. This is what’s going to happen if it’s not a priority…

You’ll come back from the Christmas break and you’ll kick off recruitment all over again. Unfortunately you’re not the only one looking as most of the big companies decided the same thing. The market is now saturated with jobs and you’re fighting over a finite pool of talent. Also, a lot of these talented individuals are still on a break, both physically and maybe even mentally. This will limit the pool even further.

So what can you do? I’d suggest doing things differently. Recruit right up until the break. You don’t have to onboard anyone in December if you don’t want to. In fact it now makes sense that new hires start in January. It’s good for them, they might even get a couple of extra weeks to hit the beach and get that much needed tan. It’s also a nice feeling for a candidate, to go on holiday knowing that the new year will bring a new challenge.

Whilst it seems like extra workload for you, a good recruitment agency can limit the input required. So how about one last push? Call us today and we’ll help you finish the year and secure your Talent for the new year.

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