Tour of Samoa

Tour of Samoa is a 4 day 400km road cycling race around the stunning and friendly islands of Samoa, Upolo and Savai’i. Mike McKay and Simon Rooney took up the challenge, this being Mike’s 3rd tour and Simon’s 1st.

The tour is 6 stages of varying terrain, and is always hot! It’s a chance for returning friends to catch up and new friends to be made, all sharing a passion for cycling, beaches and beers. Competitors range from those wanting to race, to others there just to complete and enjoy a week of sunshine.

It’s not easy, the heat being a big factor to overcome along with some gnarly hills, but you’re soon rewarded with stunning beaches, a cold coconut followed very soon by cold beers and great conversation.

A successful week concluded with Mike finishing 3rd overall with two stage wins and Simon coming home in 7th place. A fantastic week – bring on 2020 Tour of Samoa!