We built some houses in Sri Lanka

Ok, the title may be a bit misleading. We didn’t physically build any houses in Sri Lanka. What we did do, is get involved with the Sri Lankan army and helped fund the build of two houses in a small city called Jaffna. This was a charitable donation aimed at providing funding for two new homes for an invalid widow and her daughter, and another widow with her daughter and two grand children. They were both poverty stricken and living in small shacks. We jumped at the opportunity to get involved!

The Project: Two houses of approximately 500 sq ft would be built in the Point Pedro area in Jaffna to a standard design. The houses would be built on lands owned by the recipients and the Sri Lankan army would carry out the construction.

We followed the construction of the two houses and were delighted with the progress. The houses have now been completed and it’s heart warming to hear that the recipients of the houses have now taken ownership and moved in.

Here are some pictures of the project and the finished houses!

Making a difference in this world is something that defines us. Whether it’s a new house for someone in Sri Lanka or a new job for a candidate. We take joy in other peoples success.