Find 3.0 – embracing HR Tech

AI and HR Tech are really hot topics right now. I’ve personally been to three HR Tech conferences in the last year. Why is it a big deal? We’re looking at better ways here at Find to do what we do in a more efficient manner. Why should this be news to you? Well, we’re making significant investments in tech that will make it easier for our clients and candidates. This will ultimately benefit you as we seek to engage better.

So what is Find up to? Glad you asked…

We’ve replaced our CRM with a global software solution that will scale with us as we grow. The research and development that goes in to this tool and the plugins it offers means we can stay at the forefront of HR Tech that truly matters. We’ve also added a plugin that helps with our communication to applicants. With our autoresponders and applicant selection tool, you’ll know where you stand. No more application black holes.

Next up is an AI solution and this has my nerd brain excited! Our new solution uses Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to match the right candidate with the right job. We will be utilising complex models leveraging tens of millions of data points to provide a deeper understanding of matching our candidates. Included is a conversational chatbot to help further screen and qualify our candidates. Now don’t panic, this doesn’t replace human conversations between our team and you fine people. We’ll be closely managing our little chatbot friend to ensure it’s only involved in the process where it adds value to you and us. We expect to go live this month!

But that’s not all folks. A set of steak knives? Noooo! How about online application forms with legal digital signatures? Have you ever used an agency to get a new job? If the answer is yes, you’ll remember the myriad of forms you had to complete especially if the job was a contract role. Cue the printing, followed by filling them out, scanning, you then forgot a section or signature for one part of a document, cue the printing, the second attempt of filling it out, scan it again…. Ok you get my point! What a pain the backside! With Find, this is going to be a thing of the past. We hope to have this live by the end of the month and will be trialling this with two of our teams. Again, if you prefer paper, we’ve still got your back. Our goal is to make it easier for you!

You may have also noticed that our website has had a refresh. Why did we do this? We decided to bring the focus on our site to job seekers. Most people visit our site to check out the jobs we have on. The new site also integrates with our backend systems that much better.

Whilst we’re spearheading the adoption of HR Tech in New Zealand, we will ensure that this does not remove the human element. Our friendly consultants will always be available for a chat and steaming cup of Joe. The advice we offer will never be replaced by Tech and AI.

Stay tuned for updates on HR Tech here at Find. We’re excited to evolve our practice that will ultimately benefit all of you!

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