The Getting Sh!t Done Club

We were honoured to be the sole sponsor of the Getting Sh!t Done Club that came to Auckland and Wellington in June of this year. So first of all what is this club?

The GETTING SH!T DONE Club is here to help you do exactly that. Our events will inspire you to get sh!t done, and give you the tools and techniques to make it ACTUALLY HAPPEN.
Our expert speakers know the roadblocks you face, and they feel your pain. Even better, they can help!
So get inspired, take action, and GET SH!T DONE!

What did we think of the event? Our team were lucky to be there and hear all the speakers who covered different topics aimed at helping us all get more sh!t done. Not only were the topics and speakers on point, they were also captivating and hilarious. Ever tried to sit through a conference during that dreaded after lunch slot? Yep me too, zzzzzz. Not the case with this one folks. You’ll be surprised how fast time flies during this event.

The event also raised $8,500 in donations for Multicultural New Zealand. That’s awesome!

We’re certainly keen to bring the club back to NZ. As a corporate you can also get your own private Getting Sh!t Done Club event. You can get in touch with them here – or if you’re keen to see when the next event is, fill out the subscribe for updates form.

I’ll leave you with a quick video to give you a taste of what to expect. For those that attended, we hope you enjoyed it as much as we did!