So simple, yet often forgotten

We’ve had a couple of situations in the past month where a really good candidate has failed at the last hurdle. Why you ask? It’s so simple, it hurts. It’s often the simple things that we forget and they come back to bite us. I’m talking about asking a potential employer some questions about the company, about the team, about career progression, about plans for the company, growth, learning and development. I could go on and on about what questions you could ask a potential employer. Our clients have taken a lack of questioning by the candidate, as they’re not interested in the role or company. This is not always the case, but impressions are everything.

Please do yourself a favour and do your homework on a potential employer and go armed with a number of questions about the role or company. I’m not talking about taking over the interview, but it’s equally important that you leave satisfied that you have all the info. This will show that you are engaged, that you are interested. If you don’t ask any questions, start looking for the next role and try again. 9 times out of 10, you’ve just wasted your time. And unless you gain a lot of enjoyment out of attending multiple interviews (which is a little weird by the way), I suggest you go armed (with questions) and nail that interview.

The other month I wrote a cheat sheet of 9 tips to smash an interview. You can find that here.

If you need some help in formulating some questions for the interview, ask your friendly recruiter.