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The Top Three Recruitment Trends For 2017

The year 2017 has seen some major technological breakthroughs, economic upheavals and some headline-grabbing political announcements. As far as recruitment trends are concerned, here are some of the changes we may be looking at this year.

Contingent workers or contract staff: Industry leaders believe a big trend in 2017 is going to be contracting or recruitment of contingent workers. Not only will this broaden the talent pool to hire from, but also cuts down on the cumbersome hiring process according to experts.

Social media gains foothold: A recent report by Buffer estimates that hiring through social media will become the rule rather than an exception in 2017. Instagram is highly popular among recruiters already, with 63% of firms already making use of the visual platform to attract candidates. New and creative ways of talking to the candidates and highlighting the success story of the firm with videos or images are advantages that Instagram or other social media platforms can offer.  The use of video to make offers or market the firm is also a trend that is favoured by most HR professionals.

With more than 1.8 billion active users, Facebook is a highly popular marketing channel and recruiters will move towards leveraging this fact in 2017, according to industry experts.                          Recruiters will also have to pay more attention to engaging content creation on social media channels to draw prospective candidates to the job site.

The number of firms that will take to Instagram to recruit is expected to rapidly grow in the coming years.  Social media channels will also become the preferred way that candidates will seek to interact before, during and after a hiring process. In fact, companies would look at social media experience as one of the major requisites in HR professionals.

Rise of technology: As in every area, technology is all set to be at the helm of affairs with recruitment as well. According to 2017 North American Staffing and Recruitment Trends Report, two out of five HR professionals believe there will be increased investment in technology in recruitment. A majority of firms already use Applicant Tracking System (ATS) and according to a recent report, 90% of Fortune 500 companies process CVs and track candidates using ATS.  The use of ATS is increasingly becoming popular, not surprisingly, considering the fact that it effectively removes human errors and biases in candidate selection. Besides, ATS cuts down on tracking time, making the hiring process faster.

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