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Top 10 Red Flags to Look Out for While Hiring Candidates

Hiring the right talent is extremely important. Managers shouldn’t just consider the technical or functional skills of candidates; they need to look beyond these to other verbal and non-verbal cues given by job seekers.

While hiring, interviewers need to watch out for some warning signs and ensure that they weed out unsuitable applicants. Here are top ten red flags that you need to watch out for:

Inconsistent work history:

Some applicants may be jack of all and master of none. Irrespective of the length of their employment, having dabbled in multiple industries or roles will not have provided them much-needed experience.

Job hopping:

Changing jobs frequently is a sign of instability, which could prove dangerous post-hiring.

Inexplicable gaps in employment:

While some gaps in employment are excusable, others are not. Make sure you ask for a satisfactory answer from the candidate regarding the gaps in his employment.

Lack of references:

Ideally a candidate has to provide a minimum of two references from his previous place of employment. If there are no references, consider this a warning sign.

Providing conflicting information:

Sometimes what a candidate has written in their resume may be different from what they say in an interview. Watch out for instances of conflicting information.

Missing or outdated contact information:

Take a look at the candidate’s resume and make sure their updated contact details are provided. Missing or outdated information could mean that the applicant is hiding something.

Gossiping about the previous company:

When a candidate indulges in defaming his previous employer or spreading libelous information, it is an indicator of unprofessional and unethical behavior.

Over qualification:

An applicant who is overqualified for the role will seldom stay in the company for long.

Poor listening skills:

An applicant who is only interested in leading the conversation and not listening to others is someone who may not do well in a team setting.

Treatment of others:

How a candidate treats the other applicants and the staff is indicative of how they will be as an employee of the organization. Be sure to take this into consideration pre-hiring.

Apart from these, other warning signs could include – arriving late to the interview, sloppy dressing and using inappropriate language. By keeping all these in mind, employers can ensure that they invest in the right people.

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